Recommended Reading

My Favorite Bible Study Resources

By taking the 12 bible Eras Bible Journaling Course you can get good overview of the Bible but you don't want to stop there. Keep seeking and go deeper.

30 Days to Understanding the Bible

The main book I used to break the 12 Bible Eras course into 12 modules was 30 Days to Understanding the Bible by Max Anders.

I read this 1998 edition of this book about 20 years ago and it helped me tremendously get the big picture of the Bible. It's a really good summary. But not a lot of Bible information.

I've taught Bible for over 30 years now and these are my favorite resources I use over and over:

My 12 Bible Era Class gives a nice overview of each period but if you want real meat check out by my pastor Tom Bradford.

In 30 years teaching Bible I have never found such an excellent course. The only thing missing that would be in a Bible college is the tuition. It is 100% free.

I recommend you start with the Old Testament Survey 12 Video Lessons or the book of Acts.

Go to Click on Bible Studies/Old Testament then scroll to the bottom and click on Old Testament Survey

Our Father Abraham

Our Father Abraham should be in every Christian's library. I'm on my third volume because I use it so much for reference. I purchased the first edition over 20 years ago. I was privileged to sit under Dr. Wilson a few times when he taught at the Institute of Holy Land Studies. He was graciously reviewed my book, A Family Guide the Biblical Holidays. He gave me some generous advice when I was planning it.

This book:

  1. develops a historical perspective on the Jewish origins of the church
  2. sets forth the importance and nature of Hebrew thought
  3. discusses how the church can become more attuned to the Hebraic mind-set of Scripture
  4. offers practical suggestions for interaction between Jews and Christians.

Go to Amazon to the look inside feature and take a glass at the Table of Contents. Pretty impressive. I think of it as my Jewish Encyclopedia.

Rose's Book of Bible Charts, Maps, and Time Lines

Dr. Ed Hindson said, “If I could give only two books to a new Christian, one would be the Bible and the other would be this book.” I agree! I am a visual learner and I love these charts.

I have used this book for homeschool Bible time and personal Bible study regularly for over ten years. It is sprial bound and completely reproducible.

We made color copies of the books of the Bible charts for a Books of the Bible lapbook. We plan on doing a Tabernacle, Temple, and Bible holiday Lapbook using the images from Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps, and Time Lines.

It has more than 180 pages of full-color reproducible Bible charts, maps, and time lines. Includes illustrations of the Tabernacle, Temple, Noahs’ Ark, comparisons of cults, world religions, denominations, Armor of God, Names of God, the Genealogy of Jesus, end-times viewpoints, an overview of each book of the Bible, a timeline showing how we got the Bible, evidence for Jesus’ resurrection, fruit of the spirit, and much more—all can be photocopied!