Patriarch Era Introduction

The Patriarch Era was a time of godly men presiding over a growing family. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph, successive generations of the same family, ruled over the Hebrew people. Abraham and his descendants are selected by Yahweh to be his chosen people. 

The 12 Bible Eras I am using as an outline is from the book by Max Anders 30 Days to Understanding the Bible. According to Anders there are four major events in the Patriarchal Era. 

  1. Abraham (Genesis 12-24)
  2. Isaac (Genesis 24–28)
  3. Jacob (Genesis 28-38)
  4. Joseph (Genesis 37-50)

It is important to note these four event divisions are not equal in size as shown below. Each lesson includes

  • One Bible Study Video
  • Transcript
  • One Bible Jouranling Digitally Video
  • Lesson Artwork

The artwork and Travelers Notebook insert pages are included in digital pngs and printable PDFs.

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